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The concept behind these unique hybrids are to provide you will all the benefits and complexity of a spontaneous fermentation, without the associated risks.

Now Exotics will be known as a range of yeast strains, no longer just a single product. And we are introducing a brand new interspecies hybrid to complement the complex flavour profile you have come to expect from the Exotics range.


  • cerevisiae x S. paradoxus hybrid (previously Exotics SPH)
  • For iconic, complex and intense red and white wines.
  • Temp. ≥ 18°C, Sugar tolerance: 25°Brix, Glycerol: 9-10 g/L


  • cerevisiae x S. cariocanus hybrid (new product)
  • For soft, fresh, full-bodied and aromatic red and white wines
  • Temp. ≥ 15°C, Sugar tolerance: 25°Brix, Glycerol: 8-9 g/L

In white wines, Exotics NOVELLO decreases tannin intensity, astringency and bitterness, with increased softness and increases the production of fruity and floral esters, as well as thiols.


In red wines, Exotics NOVELLO decreases astringency, dryness and bitterness, whilst increasing mouthfeel and overall quality. It also increases notes of red and black fruit and spice, with decreased green and vegetal characters.


The Exotics range, consisting of MOSAIC and NOVELLO, provide you with unique hybrid yeast strains that produce complex and iconic wines with all the benefits of a spontaneous fermentation and none of the risks.

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