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What is it about wine that we love? What is it that makes us meticulous in the cellars? What is it that captivates our minds and has us watching videos about obscure places and buying copious wine books on the off chance they might say something new?

As wine enthusiasts we are of a rare breed. Not only do we want to know about how the wine was made, we want to know where the grapes come from, the history of the region, everything down to how the weather was when the grapes were picked. Seriously, we are obsessed. When you drink a wine from a specific region, you drink a little of its history, its terroir, the passion of its people.

As wine enthusiasts we are passionate. If your eyes twinkle when you speak about wine or your heart jumps when you find a new vintage at an affordable price, then your passion for wine is bubblier than a freshly disgorged MCC.

As wine enthusiasts we are explorers, hiking up mountains to find a hermit wine maker because according to legends his Cabernet Sauvignon is fit for kings.  Discovering new cultivars and exploring different countries to find the best wines possible.

As wine enthusiasts we are hopeless romantics. Although some of us prefer to be lone wolves, we cannot deny the pleasure we get when we smell an old barrel cellar. How special we feel when we  drink an untouched wine that has been sitting in the barrel for 2 years.

As wine enthusiasts we are scholars. Always learning the history of the farm and regions. Researching new and diverse methods of making and enjoying wines.  There are countless courses for one to learn how to enjoy, judge and serve wines – obviously we want to know it all!

As wine enthusiasts we are chefs. Great Wine needs to be paired with great foods, this has us looking up recipes and going to early morning markets to get those fresh ingredients that will pair perfectly with the wine we have been saving for a special occasion.

As wine enthusiasts we are scientists. We are perfecting microbiological processes to bring out the best expression of terroir and cultivar. Measuring everything from pH to potassium levels to ensure that the yeast we use will give us the wine we want.

As wine enthusiasts we are drinkers. To unwind from a long day at work – drink a glass of wine. To celebrate a happy occasion – drink a glass of wine.  When we are upset – drink a glass of wine. When we are tired – drink a glass of wine. No matter how we feel, we can find a glass of wine that will match our mood.

As wine enthusiasts we are creative. We have paired wine with cupcakes, nougat, ice-cream, biltong, fudge, food, music, art, painting, gaming, reading. We have invented glasses that don’t spill and glasses you can plug right into the top of the bottle, so for the worst days you don’t have to keep refilling your glass.

As wine enthusiasts we are patient. We are gifted at waiting for wines to mature in barrel or bottle for them to reach their ultimate potential.

As a wine enthusiast I love discovering new wines, exploring farms I have never been to, tasting styles I’ve never heard of, getting people to enjoy wine and experiencing the diverse history of this industry.

As a fellow wine enthusiast what do you love about wine?

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