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The Anchor Oenology Business Unit is situated in the Western Cape, South Africa, and the heart of the South African Winelands. We are a dedicated, international technical and sales team servicing the majority of the wine producing countries in the world via our distribution network managed by Oenobrands, situated in Montpellier, France. We pride ourselves on being a manufacturer and distributor of leading new world wine ingredients, a product range that is developed and validated in collaboration with internationally recognised research facilities across the world.


Anchor Yeast, a proudly South African company, produces the first experimental wine yeast.


We provide the South African wine industry with the first commercially produced Anchor wine yeast.


We create the world’s first commercialised hybrid wine yeast Anchor VIN 13. The pioneering of a hybrid wine yeast, together with our unique ball-shaped yeast, make a bold statement.


We wanted to share the South African success story of Anchor Yeast with the world and start exporting active dried wine yeast.


The first company in the world to launch yeast blends Anchor Alchemy I and II, to enhance wine aroma based on the metabolic interactions between specific yeast strains.


We create the world’s first Saccharomyces paradoxus/cerevisiae interspecies hybrid with the launch of Exotics MOSAIC.

We increase our international footprint with the creation of Oenobrands, a joint venture between Anchor Yeast and DSM Food Specialties. Oenobrands, based in Montpellier in France, distributes the Anchor brand across the world.

We launch the world’s first blend of bacteria for malolactic fermentation with the launch of Duet AROM, followed by Duet SOFT.


We launch the yeast blends Alchemy III and IV for red wine production.


We create the world’s first Saccharomyces cerevisiae/cariocanus interspecies hybrid with the launch of Exotics NOVELLO.

Anchor Oenology is the leading new world wine brand in the world. We underpin this statement by constantly being a leader when it comes to innovation, world firsts and pioneering inventions. Anchor Oenology is renowned for making history in the world wide wine industry and is currently being distributed on five continents and in 35 countries around the world.

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